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High Octane is the barber shop of the new millennium!  We strive to create a friendly and interactive community in-store and online with our website, forum, and Facebook page.  We love what we do, and if shows. You can be assured that your visit to our store will be a pleasant, fun experience. Please feel free to ask us questions, if it’s when that new expansion set for Magic: The Gathering TCG is coming out, or what we think would be a really good game to play or comic to read. We’ll be more than happy to help.  Also feel free to poll us and our customers on our FREE online forum.  Get the info you require on our online community network 24hrs a day!

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  • Brian MacIsaac


    I’m looking for the new black panther series to date .do you have them all so far and what do they number to ? thanks brian

  • Sorry for the delay, I don’t have all of them, so if you are still interested you should pop on by and we will see what we can re-order for you or set you up with the trades.

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